Pay Per Click Services

Every business needs SEM. It is one of the most vital activities for building and maintaining your website’s visibility within the Search Engines – thereby increasing the depth and breadth of your reach in the market

How our experts can help you

We can help you develop & deploy comprehensive and goal-driven SEM strategies to ensure continuous flow of targeted traffic to your business website.

Know your target customer group better

We help you decode your TG’s online search & spend behavior

Prepare robust SEM spend strategy

Through strategic placement of your Ads, maximizing exposure to relevant users

Deploy strategy & measure success

We implement plan via our established media channels & track results regularly

Our Pay Per Click services will include


PPC Strategy

Customized strategy to show up on all relevant keyword searches to drive clicks, decrease cost per click, and beat the competition

Keyword Research

Tools to identify relevant search keywords and estimate their performance beforehand to achieve higher click through rate

Ad Copywriting

Highly focused Ad content, with a strong call to action – seeking attention of your target group and provoke action

Ad Extensions 

Improves visibility of your Ad to a wider audience, increasing clicks per impression and hence optimize overall campaign costs

Adword Marketing

Strategic placement of your Ads on all prominent search engines. You only pay when someone clicks your highly relevant Ad

Contextual Advertising

Targeted advertising on other websites and media with relevant content using tools like Adsense and other publisher networks

Let us help you grow your business

We can provide you the best ROI on your direct marketing spend through innovative ad techniques, bespoke copywriting and dynamic campaign optimization